Diffuse light all around

A luminaire can be more than light alone. It can be functional, it can be decorative, it can be an eye catcher.

The Superloop family not only exists out of circles of light, it also brings circular and squared low voltage solutions for track lighting, so general and accent lighting can be combined within one family. In this way, Superloop allows you to choose ‘functional’, by mounting adjustable Spy modules on the round or square shaped base.

It allows you to choose ‘decorative’, by mounting the light emitting circle in a horizontal way, or it allows you to choose ‘eye catcher’, by carelessly hanging the circle of light vertical, as a statement.

Superloop Oval

Within this family, Superloop SBL has the ability to diffuse light all around. It represents a universal symbol with extensive options, rolled out of 1 aluminium profile and seamlessly welded together into a circle or oval.

The specially designed current controlled LEDflex inside Superloop SBL allows it to be dimmed in various ways. Diameters up to 1700mm and finishes in different colours let you create the setting you want.


Black / Flemish Bronze /
Flemish Gold / White

Small: 38,7W – 4570lm
Medium: 51.9W – 6027lm

Superloop Slim

Superloop Slim further explores the boundaries of circular general light, as it offers three different ways of diffusing light around a room. Within its small size, Superloop Slim hides away a specially designed current controlled LEDflex, covered by a sandblasted diffuser to evenly spread the light.



Black / Flemish Bronze / Flemish Gold / Gold Coloured / White
From the inside / On the outside / Downwards
Diam. 700 / 900 / 1200 / 1700mm
30,3W up to 73,5W – 3510 up to 8540lm

The diffuser is either installed on the inside of the circle, on the outside or facing downwards, providing various looks and displaying a different take on a circle of light. Opt for simple settings with one single pendant or go wild and combine different sizes, colours and versions to generate an eye-catching play of light.