Peeking around, shining my light

Minimalism, functionality and versatility are the key terms to
describe this extensive collection. The Spy was designed to meet multiple lighting requirements, an ideal solution for accent lighting in residential, hospitality or commercial spaces. The range features low to high lumen packages, narrow to wide beam options, standard or specific LED colours, recessed to surface mounted and track applications, different colour finishes and combinations, and can be equipped with multiple light refining accessories.

Following the constant changes in the world of LEDs and optics and the evolution to better user comfort with more precise optics and better light control, the complete Spy range has been upgraded. The result? Fresh shapes and additional finishing colours, better light comfort through hybrid optics, improved LED colour consistency and new perspectives with Tunable White and Soft Dim.

The renewed Spy family comes in diameters of 27, 39, 52, 66 and 90 millimeters, a range of spotlights to fit any purpose. While the smaller versions come in the lively colours Flemish Bronze, Flemish Gold and Gold Coloured, the bigger Spy’s offer Tunable White and Soft Dim solutions in multiple beam angles.

Spy Wallwash

Building further on the versatility of the family, Spy 52 and Spy 66 are being offered as wallwash versions. Available as Clip, as Track spot or as module on our magnetic profiles, these accent lights have a build in wallwash optic to evenly illuminate vertical surfaces. Depending on what to illuminate, the spotlights can be adjusted accordingly and tilted into the desired position.


Black / Flemish Bronze / Flemish Gold / Gold Coloured / White
Semi-recessed / On track / As module in our magnetic profiles

Spy 52 – 8,6W – 1090lm
Spy 66 – 17,2W – 2100lm

2700K / 3000K / Soft Dim

Spy Focus

Within Spy 52, one can now opt for different beam angles out of only 1 luminaire, as the circle of light can be widened or narrowed by turning the optical compartment of the spotlight. As such, the beam angle can be altered from 26° up to 46°.


Black / Flemish Bronze / Flemish Gold / Gold Coloured / White
Recessed – Trimless / Semi-recessed / As module in our magnetic profiles
12,4W – 1470lm
2700K / 3000K / Soft Dim
Focus from 26° to 46°

The Spy is a hybrid of elegance and flexibility. Go to deltalight.com to see the complete Spy family.