splitline m20


Splitline M20


As a black line sliding into the ceiling

Splitline M20 combines refinement and clean lines with a boost of flexibility thanks to the magnetic mounting of the light modules. Together with the mechanical connection, the magnetic fixation of the modules ensures the electrical connection with the two 48V conductors in the profile.

In this way all light modules – spots, linear LED lines and pendants – can easily be placed or replaced into the profile according to the project’s requirements, without the need of any tools.

Family overview


Straight lines, T sections, X sections,with 90° corners or bended curves

Spy / Vizir / Hedra / Punk / Tweeter / Pion / Odron / B_owie / Haloscan

Tweeter BL / Gib_bo / Spy / Cuppa

Inform / LED Line / Dot.Com / Multinova / Jum_-Oh!

Dot.Com / Artuur / Spy

MDL Dim / Wireless Dim / DALI Dim

Presence – Daylight

Flexibility is not only visible in the range of luminaires that can installed and re-installed into the profile, as also the profile itself can be used to draw various sets of black lines into the ceiling: multiple curves, corners, T- and X-sections allow the user to freely create the structure that is desired.