Soliscape / Sensor and sound

Sensor and sound

UNStudio and Delta Light aim to create sensor-based environments that respond, learn and adjust to people’s daily activities, taking smart buildings towards responsive architecture through a system that allows people intuitive control and personalisation of space. Soliscape offers different sensoring options, enabling the creation of user-centric spaces: light in service to wellbeing.

Sensor and sound

Soliscape is a more than a smart system, it is a responsive system. It harvests the intelligence and the knowledge of its use to improve itself. The Soliscape toolbox contains a sensoring module that can be added to the profile, to connect lighting with its environment. From presence detection to daylight sensoring, to connecting with HVAC, multimedia, screens, calendars and other technology in the building. If the surrounding systems allows to communicate, Soliscape can make that happen.

Sensor and sound

Soliscape’s ability to connect with other automated processes in a building can really make an important difference, both for the user and the owner, resulting in more comfort and less energy consumption. If the surrounding systems allow for connection and communication, Soliscape can make that happen and create a behavior-responsive grid.

Ben van Berkel: “We believe that human health and wellbeing form the impetus for a new era of design, and that the incorporation of new and emerging technologies in the built environment plays a central role in this. It is not the hardware or the software itself that interests me, but how it can be applied within architecture and urban design to improve our daily lives.”

Noise reduction

Combining lighting and acoustic qualities in one system.

For additional optimization of room acoustics, Soliscape enables you to combine user focused lighting with Soli-Shhh panels. The sound-absorbing panels can easily be added or removed, and positioned flat or tilted, offering noise reduction for office spaces and meetings rooms in the most aesthetical way.

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Sensor and sound

Ben van Berkel: “Numerous environmental factors directly affect our wellbeing and our health, including light, sound, scent, air quality and temperature. With the Soliscape system, we have combined two of these facets – sound and light – to create sensory ‘interior landscapes’ that can support people in their daily activities. Soliscape can also connect to systems already in place to improve the other key environmental factors.

Sensor and sound

These sound-absorbing panels are created to solve the problem of indoor reverberation to guarantee the best acoustic comfort and wellbeing. Absorbing the noises in the field of typical speech frequencies (between 500 Hz and 2000 Hz). The panels can be applied to facilitate for specific functionalities, from acoustic to decorative and illuminous atmospheric scenes.

Soli-Shhh panels can be used as an add-on to the Soliscape toolbox or as a separate sound absorbing element, be it with or without additional spot modules mounted around the circle.

Sensor and sound

More than 60% of the material in the acoustic panels comes from recycled PET bottles. The panels come in dark or light grey, with multiple other colours available on request.

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An extremely versatile and flexible system, specifically designed to create human-centric environments.

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