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In a world that is in a state of constant evolution, where cutting edge technology brings new ways of interacting and experiencing, we know that the physical need for buildings to live and work in will remain. Rather than staying static, buildings are more and more becoming a reflection of what humans crave in their daily lives and a response to many new economic, environmental and social movements.


Office buildings have throughout the years gone through many transformations. From the large private offices to the private, enclosed workstations to the recent opening up of the office, encouraging collaborative work. Headquarters have dematerialized over time, now being split between the office, the home and third places. Only happy employees are efficient employees. The right lighting is crucial in that process, as light affects almost all vital processes in the human body, and also has an impact on people’s performance, health, safety and sense of wellbeing. Quality characteristics of light, as well as options to adapt lighting conditions to the environment and personal needs, are of decisive importance.


With Soliscape UNStudio and Delta Light aim to create sensor-based environments that respond, learn and adjust to people’s daily activities, taking smart buildings towards responsive architecture through a system that allows people intuitive control and personalisation of space. Soliscape offers different sensoring options enabling the creation of user-centric spaces. The intention is to create flexible lightscapes that are responsive to the user’s ever-changing needs and activities, where design is no longer imposed by the designers, but guided by the user, resulting in responsive and adaptive design. light in service to wellbeing.


“We believe that human health and wellbeing form the impetus for a new era of design, and that the incorporation of new and emerging technologies in the built environment plays a central role in this. It is not the hardware or the software itself that interests me, but how it can be applied within architecture and urban design to improve our daily lives.” Ben van Berkel

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An extremely versatile and flexible system, specifically designed to create human-centric environments.

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