The adjustable downlight to fit in shallow ceilings

Our Plat-Oh! family is the answer to a present-day problem. The constant evolution within the world of construction on the level of energy savings, sustainability and legislation forces changes in the way there is being build. One of the results is building more compact, and compact in size means less room in installation depth also when using hollow ceilings.

Family overview

Black / Black-Gold Coloured / White

Trim / Trimless

8,6W – 1090lm
2700K / 3000K / Soft Dim
23° / 36°

Plat-Oh! is designed to fit in these new building concepts as it offers a family of tiltable downlights that only require 55mm of recessing depth. Even within these limits, Plat-Oh! can be tilted up to 30°.

The specific design of the heatsink allows for Plat-Oh! to be tilted up to 30°, while only needing 55mm of recessing depth. The rounded edge at 1 side enables easy tilting without any interference with the main ceiling.

Together with its 2 different beam angles, 3 finishing colours and the choice between trimless or with trim, Plat-Oh! offers a flexible lighting solution for demanding environments.