Lass-oh! r


Lass-Oh! R


Gliding through air, shining around

Lass-Oh! glides through the room as a snake sliding through the greensward, showing off its slim cylindrical contour in combination with the miniature LED clusters hidden inside its body.

Apart from straight lines or curved squares and rectangles,
Lass-Oh! is now available as a circular decorative lighting solution.

Nevertheless, Lass-Oh! can easily be hung in every residential, retail or office project thanks to its low-glare LED dots that are hidden away into the profile.


Family overview

Black / Gold Coloured

Ø 670 mm
3 x 6W – 610lm

Ø 920 mm
4 x 6W – 610lm


Non Dim / DALI Dim

The interruption of the circle is what defines Lass-Oh! R. The perfect geometrical shape is no longer complete, although it pretends to be. A visual trick that works as a brain teaser.