Caring about everything in its surroundings

Jum-Oh! doesn’t care about its own looks, it cares about the looks of all that is surrounding him. When installed, Jum-Oh! is completely recessed into the magnetic profile, even in our Shiftline M26 L. Like this, it is completely hidden inside and invisible to the eye. Only when lit up, small drops of light appear from the profile, highlighting whatever is underneath.

Family overview


As module on our magnetic profiles
2 x 2W – 220lm up to 4 x 2W – 220lm
MDL Dim / DALI Dim
Designed as module to fit into our magnetic profile range, Jum-Oh! is available as single or double unit with 2 or 4 LEDs inside. A black ring shields off the individual LEDs, making it very comfortable for the eye when looking towards it. Combining function and form, these rings are drawn to end on the same level of the profile itself, resulting in a minimalistic fusion of circles and lines.