Entero, the full range.

Although uniform in design, variety is key within the Entero range. Variety in installation, variety in shape and size, variety in application, in colour, in type of LED, in power, in light distribution, variety in light refining accessories … all within the same distinctive look and feel of Entero.

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All variants in the Entero range are available in a round and square version, enabling you to align the design of the luminaire on the overall concept of the interior or exterior space.


Both the round and square versions of the Entero come in a small, medium and large format, going from 84mm dimensions up to 122mm. The small one goes up to 1470lm, ideal for ceiling heights up to 3m. The medium one provides up to 2800lm, for ceiling heights up to 4,5m. The largest ones are the most powerful with 4580lm for ceilings up to 6m.


Throughout the range you can opt for either an Entero version with a slim trim, or a clean trimless version. The trimless versions require a trimless kit for installation, enabling a clean ceiling finish around the luminaire. The exterior IP65 versions are only available with a trim.


Go for a timeless black or white, or choose a warmer gold finish. The different Entero versions, either round or square, are available in Delta Light’s three signature colours. The exterior IP65 versions are only in black or white.

IP 20-44-65

IP44 / 20

Apart from interior use, Entero can also be installed in damp and exterior settings, enabling you to create a uniform look and feel throughout the entire project. The IP65 Entero is waterproof thanks to its seal out of EPDM rubber. A PC front cover is applied for high impact and weather resistance, while UV-resistant components cater for an extended lifespan.


lens superspot
hybride reflector spot/medium/flood
reflector wallwash

The powerful LED engine is combined with different optics, catering for different illumination needs. The superspot version achieves the narrowest beam angle within the Entero range, a nicely delineated beam angle of 10° with a sharp cut-off. Spot, medium and flood beams are achieved with hybrid interchangeable optics. The Bartenbach reflector inside the Entero wallwash guarantees a uniform effect on vertical surfaces.

Colour temperature

SOFT DIM 3000-1800K

Throughout the range you can opt for 2700K or 3000K versions, as well as Delta Light’s unique Soft Dim and Tunable White technology. The Soft Dim LED technology replicates the dimming behaviour of a conventional lamp where the colour temperature increases in warmth as it is being dimmed. The tunable white version mimics daylight by changing the colour temperature during the day, positively impacting the circadian rhythm of its users.


linear spread lens
spread lens
softening lens
glass sbl

To offer even more flexibility Entero comes with a range of light refining accessories, altering the light effect to the specific needs of the setting. A honeycomb to further minimize the direct glare from the light source, a sandblasted glass to create a diffuse general light effect and 3 specific lenses to either create a more oval or a wider light distribution or to smoothen the edges and create a softer transition. Up to 2 accessories can be combined, except for the IP65 version.

The Entero brochure.

The Entero brochure gives you more insights on the technology and concept of the range. It also contains all technical specifications of the different Entero versions. Please fill out the form to start your download. 

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