One for all

Use it anywhere? Sure you can! Entero is a real all-rounder, not only due to its different sizes and finishing colours, also due to its light technical features and its variety in installation options. There is a solution for any projet type, residential to retail, office, art, public spaces, showrooms ao. Click some of the rooms in the sketch below for more inspiration on the different applications.

The apartment

In the apartment we opt for the Entero S, the smallest version in the range. The 45° light beams in the living room are combined with the narrower 20° beams in the kitchen. Both are applied in the Soft Dim version, replicating the dimming behaviour of a conventional lamp where the colour temperature increases in warmth as it’s dimmed.

The same small version is extended to the exterior spaces, applying the IP65 waterproof Entero in a warm 2700K in the ceilings of both terraces.

The office

The Entero is combined with Delta Light’s Inform. The Inform profile is applied above the working stations, supported by the Entero for general lighting in the circulation areas. The slightly deeper position of the led inside the Entero reduces glare on the desks, providing additional eye-comfort.

In this case both the Inform and Entero can be used in a custom 4000K version.

The gallery

In this art space we combine the medium sized Entero in the wallwash and superspot versions. Featuring the patented Bartenbach optic, the Entero wallwash succeeds in generating a perfectly uniform lit surface with a luminaire that is completely recessed into the ceiling.

The superspot Entero achieves a nicely delineated 10° beam, with a sharp cut-off, perfect to highlight objects.

The meeting room

In the meeting room Entero is paired with Delta Light’s Soliscape system, designed in collaboration with UNStudio. The Entero is applied in its wallwash version, providing general vertical illuminance, while the Soliscape is used to illuminate the table. The Entero and the spots on the Soliscape system feature identical led and optic technology, guaranteeing consistency in lighting characteristics.

Both the Entero luminaires and the Soliscape system are able to connect with different Building Management Systems, allowing for connected and interacting lighting schemes to be created. The smart and sensorial systems of the Soliscape enable upgraded user-driven behaviour, humanizing and futureproofing any work environment.

The Restaurant

Throughout this restaurant we apply the Entero in its medium size. We combine the different interchangeable hybrid optics in spot, medium and flood beams, creating an atmospheric setting. To further customize the light to the design of the space and furniture, we apply the different light refining accessories that are available for Entero. A honeycomb to further minimize the direct glare from the light source, a sandblasted glass to create a diffuse general light effect and 3 specific lenses to either create a more oval or a wider light distribution or to smoothen the edges and create a softer transition. Either one or two accessories or combined to achieve the perfect result.

The auditorium

The versatility of the Entero proves its value in this half below ground auditorium. Catching no daylight the auditorium features the Entero in its tunable white version, simulating all layers of daylight by changing the colour temperature during the day, positively impacting the circadian rhythm of the auditorium users.

Combining the medium and large Entero enables to consistently illuminate the space from different ceiling heights.

Entero is not only easy to use due to its infinite possibilities, its different installation options make it applicable for nearly all ceiling types. In this case Entero can be installed in acoustic or stretched ceiling panels.

In this application the stage is illuminated using Delta Light’s Spy ADM track spot, featuring the same LED technology and optics as the Entero, ensuring consistency in lighting quality and characteristics.

The Entero brochure.

The Entero brochure gives you more insights on the technology and concept of the range. It also contains all technical specifications of the different Entero versions. Please fill out the form to start your download. 

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