Throughout our history we’ve focused on creating lighting solutions that can enhance any building or setting. For some of these collections we have collaborated with external designers, opening up new exciting adventures in lighting.
Merging the vision and concepts of these leading architects and designers with our in-house R&D and production expertise, exemplifies how Delta Light, hand-in-hand with them, continues to step into the future..



UNStudio, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, specialises in creating ground-breaking architecture and design at all scales, from bridges to public buildings, offices, residences, exhibitions, products and urban masterplans. With over 120 completed projects in Asia, Europe and North America, the studio continues to expand its global presence with recent commissions in the United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, Italy, Germany and the United States, amongst other countries. The name UNStudio stands for United Network Studio and refers to the collaborative nature of the practice.

“As what we design today is normally built in three to five years’ time, we’re used to working with the future in mind. However, the future is changing faster than ever before. Even the most accurate predictions can be made redundant by a sudden advance in technology. To ensure we don’t contribute to a waste of materials and investment that is no longer sustainable or appropriate in today’s world, we develop strategies that not only anticipate the future, but possible changes to that future as well.”

UNStudio and Delta Light have joined forces to endeavour to improve the wellbeing of people in our rapidly changing work environments, where human health and the war on talent have become a primary focus of employers. Together we developed SOLISCAPE, a lighting system that facilitates, responds, and contributes to solving these complex challenges. An extremely versatile and flexible lighting toolbox specifically designed to create human-centric environments.

In 2018 Ben van Berkel founded UNSense, an Arch Tech company that designs and integrates human-centric tech solutions for the built environment. Ben van Berkel has lectured and taught at many architectural schools around the world.
From 2011 to 2018 he held the Kenzo Tange Visiting Professor’s Chair at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he led a studio on health and architecture. In 2017, Ben van Berkel also gave a TEDx presentation about health and architecture. In addition, he is a member of the Taskforce Team/Advisory Board Construction Industry for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Dean Skira is the founder of Skira, an award-winning practice based in Pula (Croatia) with projects also in the EU, Middle East, Russia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For the past 30 years, he is building and creating mostly with intangible forms while working with investors, architects, and designers to create meaningful lighting experiences.

The absence in its presence
The presence in its absence

With a miniature aperture of only 10mm, Nime focuses on what is important and puts it in the spotlight. It is not about Nime, it is about what Nime can do. The combination of its focusable beam angle together with its adjustability allows for a multitude of application possibilities, while maintaining a uniform, minimalistic look and feel throughout the project.

Modularity and flexibility to illuminate the urban fabric Polesano is a new concept in lighting instruments, designed specifically for urban settings, be that a pedestrian pathway, roadway, park, square, façade, or landscape. Polesano provides maximum flexibility for the designer to combine different optical characteristics, whilst keeping the same aesthetic for the entire system, regardless of the area.

Comforting for the human eye, showing vibrant colours, and boosting human activity.

Its elegant design with multiple colour combinations, its specific sun mimicking spectrum, its low UGR, its well-balanced down-up ratio… Conform is designed around the light. It not only perfectly embraces the light source, but it reinforces it in multiple aspects. Conform uses
Delta Light’s Natural Light Technology (NLT), state of the art LEDs with a spectrum that very closely matches that of the sun.

Niteo is a premiere lighting design studio with offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and Singapore. With a portfolio ranging from museums to personal art collections, corporate offices to retail, and landscapes to art displays, their intimate engagement through design attention to detail is evident. Niteo delivers elegant lighting solutions via leveraging decades of experience in a collaborative and technically savvy way.

Delta Light collaborated with Niteo’s Seattle office to develop the Needle. This bespoke luminaire was devised to provide a playful solution in an elegant form. As a single or grouping of multiple fixtures, the slender and flexible design permits it to blend into ceilings, peek around corners, or demurely clamor attention.

OMA is an international practice founded by Rem Koolhaas, operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. AMO, a research and design studio, applies architectural thinking to domains beyond. XY180 is a 3-piece collection of luminaires designed by OMA. The collection was born from a fascination with point, line and surface, key characters in the discourse of architecture. The collection uses precise geometric proportions. The base elements, which include a tube light and a spotlight, can be combined with a hinge, to generate countless light conditions, both essential and complex.

The work of Nathalie Dewez extends from small objects to monumental installations, from unique pieces to industrial products. Her designs reveal the passion for sculptural shapes and superior craftsmanship. Some of her iconic pieces have been awarded several times. Nathalie is a designer whose main medium is light and whose materials vary between metal, glass and other long-lasting medium, whether designing light fixtures, objects, furnishings, or large-scale sculptures. The Still lamp works as a mobile. This pendant lamp has the particularity of having the light source off-centre from its point of suspension, creating an ever-changing elegant dynamic. Due to its big length it dresses and emphasises a space, without the clutter.

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