General and accent light for functional ceilings

Every year, regulations on building and renovation get stricter in terms of energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness and sustainability. Apart from lighting, this also impacts cooling and heating, ventilation, acoustics, … As a consequence, trends and challenges arise to combine lighting with ventilation, acoustics and technical or smart ceiling solutions.

Two examples of high-end technical ceilings are the SAPP ceiling of Interalu and HeartFelt ceiling of Hunter-Douglas. SAPP stands for Smart Acoustic Passive Power, it combines an aesthetic design and optimal acoustics into a climate-control ceiling. The HeartFelt ceiling is a felt ceiling system with great acoustic characteristics. Both ceiling systems build on modularity and allow for a linear lighting solution in between or in line with the panels. With D-Liner, Delta Light offers 3 types of lighting solutions that match these ceiling types.

D-Liner SBL

D-Liner SBL serves as general lighting solution, perfect to be used in hallways or other secondary rooms within an office building. These linear solutions are installed in line with the slats.


Climate ceiling (SAPP / 30BD) Acoustic ceiling (Hunter Douglas)
In line with slats

830 / 1114 / 1390mm
27,3W up to 45,5W – 3550 up to 5915lm

Remote driver / DALI Dim

D-Liner Inform

The D-Liner Inform range offers perfect office lighting that can be installed in line or in between the slats. Based on the Inform LED technology and optics, a UGR below 19 and Melanopic Light Technology to stimulate the activity level during working hours are some of the key elements of this family.


Black / Black-Gold Matt / White-Black / White
Climate ceiling (SAPP / 30BD) Acoustic ceiling (Hunter Douglas)
In line with slats / Between slats

840 / 1116 / 1392mm
15,3W up to 25,5W – 2630 up to 4390lm

Presence & Daylight sensor

D-Liner Shiftline 19

Unique in its kind, D-Liner Shiftline 19 is a small profile that can be installed in between the slats of a climate ceiling. The profile serves as a carrier for 3 types of spotlights, creating the possibility to add accent lighting next to the general linear lighting solutions. Perfect to generate a more cosy setting in for example informal meeting rooms or lobbies or to put some accents within the office.



Climate ceiling (SAPP / 30BD)
Between slats
Uho / Spy 27 / Spy 39
MDL Dim (Smart 48) / DALI Dim

With the elaborate D-Liner family, Delta Light offers a range of linear and spotlight solutions to create any desired light setting for these technical ceiling types.