Elegance visualized

The Cuppa family has been designed as a welcome add-on for our magnetic profile range, extending the possibilities within this collection with decorative pendants. As a basis, Cuppa offers 4 attractive shades to be used as an ornament on a suspended LED module. But in total the possibilities with Cuppa are endless, as multiple shades can be added onto 1 single module, giving the user complete flexibility of designing the product he or she envisioned.

Family overview

LED module in
Black / White with a touch of Gold

Shades in Black / Gold Coloured / White

As module on our magnetic profiles

4 designs
As a single shade or combined to your preference

8,6W – 1090lm
2700K / 3000K / Soft Dim
MDL Dim / DALI Dim

Derived from the lampshade as an archetype, the 4 shades evolve from a dome shape into a flat disk, all of them purified up to the final details. Details like diverging radiuses, altering heights and aligned colour finishes all contribute to the consistency of Cuppa as a decorative family.

Functionality is in the details: the suspension height of the Cuppa pendants can easily be adapted to any desired length. By putting the cable entry on the side of the adapter, additional space is created where the cable can be shortened. By having this in line with the adapter, everything is neatly tucked away into the profile, hidden from the eye.

Play with lines and contours, as all shades perfectly fit onto the LED module. Combine multiple shades into an attractive object of light or go for single shades to create a calming mood.