The goddess of office lighting

Its elegant design with multiple colour combinations, its specific sun-mimicking spectrum, its low UGR, its well-balanced down-up ratio…we do not exaggerate: Conform is the goddess of office lighting! Conform is designed around the light. It not only perfectly embraces the light source, it reinforces it in multiple aspects.

Conform uses Delta Light’s Natural Light Technology (NLT), state of the art LEDs with a spectrum that very closely matches that of the sun. That includes a broader spectrum, which is preferable for the human eye and brings out the vibrant colours, and an enhanced cyan energy, boosting the human activity. As so, the LEDs used in Conform help control the human circadian rhythm.

Family overview


Black-Black, Black-Matt Gold or White-Black



Down 22W - 2400lm

Up 17W - 1500lm

2000mm Down 31W - 3300lm

Up 24W - 2100lm 2800mm Down 44W - 4700lm Up 34W - 3000lm Natural Light Technology UGR <16


3000K / 4000K


DALI / DALI with integrated sensor


1. Optimized profile design for optimal heat dissipation
2. In-house developed lens with batwing curve for enhanced spacial effect
3. Down-up ratio of 55/45, ideal against eye strain
4. Integrated 2-channel DALI dimmable driver for separate controlling of the direct and indirect light
5. Natural Light Technology: State of the art LEDs, mimicking the spectrum of the sun and bringing out vibrant colours
6. Specific reflector design for perfect direct lighting with a low Unifi ed Glare Ratio (UGR<16)
7. Raster to further enhance the visual comfort
Profile-raster colour combinations: Black-Black, Black-Matt Gold, White-Black

To further stimulate the human well-being, Conform uses a down-up ratio of 55% to 45%, as a combination of direct and indirect light is recommended against eye strain. Every downwards facing LED is perfectly embraced by specially designed reflectors, resulting in a beam angle of 67° that enlightens the task area but has no direct impact on the eye.

Additionally, the uplight is being spread over the room to enhance the spacial effect and to create a uniform lighting scheme, thanks to the inhouse designed lens extrusion to create a wide batwing beam angle without an intense peak in the centre.

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