By Delta Light & UNStudio

Soliscape Project

UNStudio and Delta Light have joined forces to endeavour to improve the wellbeing of people in our rapidly changing office environments, where human health and the war on talent have become a primary focus for employers. Soliscape is an extremely versatile and flexible system, specifically designed to create human-centric environments.

Soliscape (sound and light-scape) integrates activity-based illumination and acoustic qualities. The intention of Soliscape is to create flexible lightscapes that are responsive to the user’s ever-changing needs and activities, where design is no longer imposed by the designers, but guided by the user, resulting in responsive and adaptive design. The Soliscape system combines miniaturisation and personalisation, in a unique design language.

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A toolbox of components

The Soliscape system is a toolbox of flexible components and modules for architects and designers that will enable you to form your own configurations to create workable and liveable solutions for your projects. The system is adaptable and future-proof, as it allows for new materials and functions to be added in the future.

The modules that make up Soliscape combine lighting, acoustics and connected sensors into an aesthetically appealing solution that can easily connect to any building management system.


For work spaces and beyond

Soliscape is not limited to office spaces alone. With its adaptable configuration possibilities, the system has a broad range of applications and can also be used in hotels, hospitality, retail and public spaces. The system can be configured to best suit the daily needs and programming of each location.

Today spaces are evolving to operate with hybrid functions; the home and office are blending, hospitality spaces become meeting places. Soliscape offers the possibility to adapt lighting and acoustic landscapes for dual or multi-purpose use.

Find out all about Soliscape

Download the Soliscape brochure to discover all individual components that make up the Soliscape system, explore various configuration and read the mission statement by Ben Van Berkel, principal architect and founder of UNStudio, our partner in the creation of Soliscape.