The Lighting Bible 14


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The Lighting Bible 14 offers you a collection of ambitious new lighting solutions, in-house designs and guest designer collaborations, that explore the limits of design, performance, architecture and technology. Cutting-edge optics, new textures, architecture-embracing solutions and decorative expressions offer you all the tools for your lighting projects.



Elegance is about lines.
Elegance is about finesse.
Elegance is about shapes.
Elegance is pure.


Comfort is about not being hindered.
Comfort is about caressing.
Comfort is about embrace.
Comfort is easy.


Rhythm is about movement.
Rhythm is about repetition.
Rhythm is about patterns.
Rhythm is dynamic.


Humanized is about people.
Humanized is about relations.
Humanized is about transition.
Humanized is vital.


Skin is about feeling.
Skin is about touch.
Skin is about contact.
Skin is attractive.


Outdoor is about attraction.
Outdoor is about freedom.
Outdoor is about nature.
Outdoor is life.